Ghanaian Couple in New York Convicted of Son’s Fatal Beating, Faces Life in Prison


New York, USA (TAE)– In a heartbreaking announcement from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, a New York-based Ghanaian couple has been found guilty of the murder of their 5-year-old son, King Owusu. The parents, Valerie Owusu and Emmanuel Addae, both 28, of Corona, Queens, face up to 25 years to life in prison following their conviction for Murder in the Second Degree.

The tragic incident unfolded between March 30 and April 1, 2021, in the couple’s Queens apartment, where authorities revealed the child was subjected to brutal physical assaults using at least four different instruments. The assaults led to King’s deteriorating condition over approximately three days, during which time the couple failed to seek medical help or alert authorities, leading to the child’s eventual unconsciousness and death.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s statement detailed that instead of providing the necessary care, Owusu and Addae transported the gravely injured King to a relative’s home on April 1, leaving him there to die. The family member discovered King’s body later that day and promptly notified the Suffolk County Police Department. The child was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly after.

The medical examiner’s testimony painted a grim picture of the extent of King’s injuries, indicating he was “beaten from head to toe,” with injuries too numerous to count ultimately leading to his death.

District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney condemned the act as a horrific crime, emphasizing the child’s prolonged suffering at the hands of his parents. “This little boy was beaten and suffered for days at the hands of these defendants, one of whom was his own mother, until he unfortunately succumbed to his severe and extensive injuries,” Tierney stated.

The conviction is attributed to the diligent work of the Suffolk County Police Department and the unwavering effort of the prosecutors, who ensured the case’s facts were thoroughly presented, leading to the jury’s decision. The community and authorities alike hope this verdict brings some measure of justice for the untimely and tragic loss of young King Owusu


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