Differences Between Generations of Bettors


It is safe to say that the world has split into two groups as a result of the internet’s rise, the introduction of new technologies, and the advancement of our societies: those who embrace technology and its integration into our daily lives and those who find it hard to accept that it has taken over. 

It goes without saying that technology has had a significant impact on the betting sector, creating a divide between the older and younger generations of bettors in the community. Everybody has unique tastes and traits, and they all place varying values on the wagers they make. But what exactly are these differences about? Let’s see! 

1# What Was Betting Like Before the Internet?

First, let’s start with a bit of background and history about sports betting. If you’re a fan of this activity, you should know that before the arrival of new technology, there was no such thing as rapid registration or password recovery on Betsafe. The sports betting industry, in general, was totally offline until the 1990s, when most of the leading bookmakers began to appear on the market. Even though most sportsbooks began to appear around this period of time, did you know that the first sports betting event dates back to the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece? Considering that they happened in 776 BC, that is undoubtedly a very long time ago. The results of races, chariot races, and gladiatorial bouts were all subject to wagering. 

Sports betting as we know it today, however, began to appear more actively in the 1920s, when market leaders started their appearance in the industry. At that point, gambling laws came into being, and betting started to become ingrained in society. Gathering in betting shops, bettors matched up and drank beer while placing bets on their preferred sports. Cricket and horse races, which date back to the 18th century, were the two main sports that gamblers enjoyed. Not only could you watch sports and lawfully place bets while seated at the tables—all the form guides were conveniently located on the walls—but you could also legally place bets by using payphones, which seems absurd in the modern world.

2# What Is the New Generation Up To?

With the advent of the internet, everything has changed and gotten much simpler. Want to make a wager? Simply grab your smartphone, launch your preferred bookmaker’s app, and you are done! You do not even need to get out of bed because everything can be accessed online in a matter of seconds. 

The betting community has completely moved online thanks to all of these new technologies, and the interactions of bettors are now limited to online blogs, streaming channels, and forums. Not to be overlooked is the emergence of new sports, such as cybersports or eSports, as most bettors refer to them; these have fundamentally altered the betting landscape.  

It should come as no surprise that the older generation of bettors still finds it difficult to adjust to all these new features. Although betting shops are still very much in place and accessible, they are not as popular as they once were because the younger generation demands convenience. It is not convenient at all to get out of bed and place a bet when you can do it from home. Here are some of the main innovations in the betting industry that have appeared along with Generation Z. 

  • Mobile betting includes mobile applications for both sports betting and casino activities.
  • Betting online through the internet.
  • Instant wagering that takes merely a few seconds to complete.
  • Massive availability of betting options, including promotional offers and bonuses.
  • Formation of new fields, such as eSports.
  • There is a greater variety of sports to wager on at a single bookmaker.
  • The advent of virtual sports betting.
  • The emergence of online live betting and streaming.

3# The Differences

Now that the overall picture is pretty clear, let us examine the critical distinctions between the two generations of bettors as well as potential issues that they might run into when placing an online wager. While it is evident that the younger generation finds the novel and inventive realm of online betting more problematic, let us nevertheless examine the differences between these two worlds.

Old Generation Bettors

New Generation Bettors

Prefer the “old” way of gambling, including both sports betting and casino games of the older type.

Prefer everything to be more convenient and rapid 

Most find going to a betting shop way more convenient 

Enjoy betting on the go via their mobile device

Have difficulties understanding how mobile apps work and how to place bets online

Never or rarely visit betting shops since they find them to be useless

Find new betting sites to be too chaotic with too much information

Enjoy having a lot of new opportunities and betting options, including promotions

Don’t interact in online communities 

Adore spending time online and sharing their personal experiences with other users


Although the older generation of bettors favors the traditional method of placing bets, this is not the case for all old-school wagerers and veterans of the game. Despite the stark differences between these two generations of bettors, their coexistence is essential. 

The older generation needs to accept that everything has completely changed and adjust to this new, more advanced, and practical environment.  

While betting shops are still accessible and open to the public, it is not as comfortable or convenient to bet from a PC or mobile device at home as it is to visit them. 

Instead of always betting on their phone, novice bettors would be well advised to occasionally visit a betting shop where they can experience a more authentic and satisfying way of placing bets on sports. The only way to have a successful experience is to adapt to the way the world is changing. 


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